Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Example Dialogue about handling guest at CAFÉ.

            Waitress           : Eka Nur Cahyani
            Customer 1       : Hazijah Afni
            Customer 2       : Gita Rossy A.

Eka                  : good morning.
Gita/Hazijah      : morning.
Eka                  : Welcome to Blackpink Cafe. Here are your menus.
  Today’s special is grilled salmon.
((eka wait gita and hazijah choose their food menu))
. . .

Eka      : Are you ready to order?
Hazijah : I’d like the seafood spaghetti. And you gita?
Gita      : I’ll have a fried rice.
Eka      : Would you like anything to drink?
Hazijah : I’ll have a glass of vanila blue, please.
Eka      : And for you?
Gita      : Orange Juice, please.
Eka      : OK. So that’s one seafood spaghetti, one fried rice, one vanila
  blue, and one orange juice. Mmm, would there be anything else?
Hazijah : Nothing more, Thanks.
Eka      : OK, I would be back with your menus in a minutes.
. . .

Eka      : Here is your food. Enjoy your meal. Excume me.

((go then return again after gita and hazijah finished eat their food))
. . .
Eka      : How was everything?
Gita      : Delicious, thanks.
Eka      : Would you like anything for dessert?
Hazijah : No, thanks. Just the bill, please.
Eka      : A dollars fifty, Please.
Hazijah : This is it, thank you.
Eka      : you are welcome, and thank you for coming.

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